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TIN news:     MPA Singapore has issued circular 22/2015 to provide an update  on the requirements for seafarer recruitment and placement services (SRPSs) which operate in Singapore.
All SRPSs operating in Singapore are required to comply with the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) Act and the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) (Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service) Regulations. All such SRPSs are also required to apply to the Director of Marine for a Certificate of Authorisation (COA).
Ships with seafarers that are engaged onboard through a SRPS based in Singapore should be able to demonstrate that the SRPS is issued with a COA.
MPA has developed an SRPS Electronic Portal (e-Portal) for companies to access on SRPS matters for the convenience of users. The following features can be found in the e-Portal:
Application, replacement or renewal of the COA;
Enquiry on the COA application/replacement/renewal status;
Verifying the Authenticity of a COA; and
Information on Registered and Suspended COAs
The enquiry, verifying and information services on the e-Portal can be accessed free-of-charge. Application, renewal and replacement of COAs will be billed accordingly as per normal.
The e-Portal can be accessed via https://marinet.mpa.gov.sg/coaInternet
Further details may be found at the related circular

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