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TIN news:       Target Ship Management (I) Pvt. Ltd. (TSMI) is a Human Resources company established in the year 2013 is growing fast with the dedicated employees and is now on the growth with a pool of talent of Seafarers and extends business opportunities for ship owners all over the world with all kinds of vessels to be a part of the expanding family of TSMI. It was founded in October 2012 with the aim of creating a Marine Human Resource Organization and enhancing value to the seafaring community, thus being “The Employer of Choice”.
They consider Seafarers as their greatest assets and also measure their quality of service with the retention rate of seafarers as they strongly believe in retention. In an exclusive Interview with SeaFolks Network Ltd. Mr. G Sridhar- Senior manager, Marine HR of Target Ship Management, India tells that the only success mantra for providing quality manpower is to “Train them, Train them and Train them again”.
With challenges in the field of recruitment comes a satisfaction element for the organization with happy and contented seafarers. To overcome these challenges the only power which works for them is the faith Seafarers have in the company and deliver their skills through performance resulting into a productive and healthy work environment and maximum results. Along with the basic facilities of timely Wages TSMI also provides a personal care element to their Seafarers along with beneficial schemes which no other shipping company in India offers.
Thus for the Industry to get a boom Awareness about the sector is the most important part for the company so that they can generate more employment and provide equality manpower services for the maritime industry.
TSMI operates out of Mumbai, The Port City, Commercial capital and Maritime Hub of India.
We commenced our Marine Human Resource Management operations in Feb 2013 and manage a wide fleet of 22 ships Comprising of Bulk Carriers / Tankers / Dredgers and FSO. The vessels are owned by the Mercator group.

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