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  • A growing number of travelers decide to try one of the pilgrimage routes offering history, hiking, nature in its purest form... and let’s not forget the historic cities, and the feeling of companionship arising among travelers who undertake the same journey. presents the best pilgrimage destinations in Europe worth experiencing.

  • The French start-up SKYdeals developed a new e-commerce platform dedicated to passengers connected to the Internet via onboard Wi-Fi.

  • as unilateral US sanctions against Iran snap back, pressuring the country's limited foreign currency reserves, the Islamic Republic is increasingly paying attention to marine travel as a major way of boosting its underdeveloped tourism sector.

  • Τhe Port of Riga Authority participated in a summit organized by CLIA, the cruise industry association. The Port promoted Riga as an attractive and welcoming destination, emphasizing that a number of measures have been taken to make the port more suitable for cruise ships, both in terms of shipping safety and capacity.

  • Checked baggage, set reservation, meals. Many airline costs are now extra and bring the companies significant additional revenue. A study showed which airlines earn extra money in addition to the ticket business. In the search for additional sources of revenue, airlines are becoming more inventive. This has emerged from a study of the consulting firm Ideaworks.

  • Don’t be surprised if you cross paths with a robot running up and down the aisles and entering the elevators, the next time you stay in a hotel. They take extra towels for guests, give information to passengers lost at airports and even get some drinks ready on cruise ships. What could have been descriptions in books by Isaac Asimov or Aldous Huxley are now the brave real world. Robots in tourism are reality.

  • The Chinese Tibet Autonomous Region wants to put environmental protection measures before the development of tourism. Nature and tourism need to coexist in balance.

  • Museums have been a source of cultural, historical, and scientific knowledge and artefacts for many years now. With the increase in travel, gradually every year the interest in these institutions rises. Last year, the 20 most visited museums in the world welcomed more than 107 million visitors. This represents a mild increase of 0.2% compared to 2016. To portray the importance of museums and stress some interesting aspects, presents the Top 10 Most Visited Museums Worldwide.

  • Iranian ambassador to Japan Morteza Rahmani Movahed proposed holding of an exhibition featuring Iran’s tourism potentials and handicrafts in Japan.

  • According to RefundMyTicket monitoring the air traffic around Europe, summer 2018 saw 1.28% of flights cancelled, compared to 0.63% last year over the same period. Delays of more than 3 hours have also increased, from 0.41% of flights in the summer of 2017 to 0.54% of flights this year.