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  • Audi plans to expand its line of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Pininfarina taps Rimac to build its electric hypercar's powertrain. Tesla CEO Elon Musk settles his SEC lawsuit in a surprising way. A utility survey shows more support for renewable power than utility companies can handle. And we ask how "fast" is fast charging in our latest Twitter poll. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

  • The French start-up SKYdeals developed a new e-commerce platform dedicated to passengers connected to the Internet via onboard Wi-Fi.

  • Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and U.K.-based Rolls-Royce Marine said that they have verified the capacity of Intelligent Awareness and machine learning technologies to improve navigational safety.

  • Two tiny robots dispatched to the surface of an asteroid from a Japanese spacecraft have sent home their first photos.

  • changing notions of what customers want from cars have pushed automakers to do plenty of weird things. They have unmoored the driver’s seat from the left side of the car, revived the rotary engine and turned windshields into screens. BMW, though, is most likely the first to put down carpeting in the cabin of a cargo jet.

  • Don’t be surprised if you cross paths with a robot running up and down the aisles and entering the elevators, the next time you stay in a hotel. They take extra towels for guests, give information to passengers lost at airports and even get some drinks ready on cruise ships. What could have been descriptions in books by Isaac Asimov or Aldous Huxley are now the brave real world. Robots in tourism are reality.

  • Mercedes-Benz debuts the newest iteration in its midsize GLE crossover that traces its lineage back three generations to the original M-class of 1997. With it comes tech aplenty, as is expected of luxury vehicles today.

  • China’s Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) will carry out special security inspections on vessels entering Shanghai Huangpu River & Yangtze River Shanghai from 15 September through to 15 November. If a ship entering the concerned waters is found to be carrying a drone, the MSA will require the vessel to dispose it immediately.

  • Stena Line announced that it will conduct a pilot study in which artificial intelligence will be implemented on board. The new AI technology will be added onboard 'Stena Scandinavica'.

  • In a bid to leverage the new technologies to drive operational efficiency, APM Terminals announced the introduction of drones at its inland services facilities in San Antonio and Santiago, Chile, so that safety supervisors can monitor activities more effectively and safely.