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  • The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) decided to invest more than $1 billion in Silicon Valley-based Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle startup that is taking aim at Tesla, the PIF announced Monday. Lucid Motors will be using the funding to help bring its first production electric vehicle, the Lucid Air, to market in 2020.

  • changing notions of what customers want from cars have pushed automakers to do plenty of weird things. They have unmoored the driver’s seat from the left side of the car, revived the rotary engine and turned windshields into screens. BMW, though, is most likely the first to put down carpeting in the cabin of a cargo jet.

  • Mercedes-Benz debuts the newest iteration in its midsize GLE crossover that traces its lineage back three generations to the original M-class of 1997. With it comes tech aplenty, as is expected of luxury vehicles today.

  • Uber plans to include bicycles and scooters as additional transportation options alongside ride-hailing. Laying the groundwork for that is a new feature for the Uber app called Mode Switch, which allows users to toggle between cars, bikes, and scooters.

  • Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Uber Technologies Inc. have announced that they will expand their collaboration with the aim of advancing and bringing to market autonomous ride-sharing as a mobility service at scale.

  • Vespa's first fully electric scooter, the Elettrica, will go into production in September and be available for purchase in the United States at the beginning of 2019. The announcement was made by Piaggio, the parent company of the Italian scooter manufacturer.

  • the world’s first autonomous taxi to run on public roads started operating in central Tokyo on Monday.

  • German startup Sono Motors has reached an important milestone in the development of its Sion, an electric car powered by a mix of batteries and built-in solar panels. Sono is completing final development work ahead of a planned production launch next year, reports Reuters.

  • The Jaguar I-Pace is heading into enemy territory for a tough mission. Jaguar's first mass-market electric car will enter taxi service in the German city of Munich, competing with large fleets of diesel-powered cabs from local automakers. The rigors of taxi duty should help prove the durability of the I-Pace.

  • New cars are some of, if not outright, the biggest purchases we might make in our lives, so it only makes sense to keep your bought-new vehicle as long as possible. Take advantage of that warranty, stick to a rigid maintenance schedule, and put on miles until problems start to present themselves. The longer it takes before that happens, the better.