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TIN news:   Following completion of procurement processes, most of the major contractors for rebuilding the Port of Kapellskär have now been selected. Among other things, Peab Sverige AB will perform the ground preparation and electrical installation work for the new port area.

Boskalis Sweden AB, who also performed the preparatory dredging work, will construct the new pier. MacGregor AB will supply ramps, both for the Port of Kapellskär and for the new Värtahamnen. A new customs station will be built by BTH Bygg AB.

"Procurement to select the major contractors has now been completed and we are happy that we can now get started with all of the rebuilding work," says Ports of Stockholm project manager Tobias Kednert.

"To date the procurement process and the preparatory on-site work already performed has gone smoothly and we are on schedule," states Tobias Kednert.

Work to rebuild the Port of Kapellskär began in the autumn of 2013 and construction work is now ongoing over the entire port area. The rebuilding work is expected to continue until the end of 2016. When the port is completed it will have five ferry berths, with service provision possibilities and a deeper harbour basin. The approach fairway to the port will become safer and the Swedish Maritime Administration will have a new pilot station. The port area will expand by 80,000 square metres.



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