Iran, Pakistan keen to enhance economic cooperation

تاریخ انتشار : دوشنبه ۲۳ تير ۱۳۹۳ ساعت ۰۰:۱۷
کد مطلب: 13894
مرجع : خبرگزاری فارس
TIN news:    Iranian and Pakistani officials in a meeting in Peshawar city on Sunday agreed to further strengthen their cooperation in different economic areas.
The agreement was reached between Iranian Consul General in Peshawar Hassan Darvishvand and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Parviz Khattak.
Darvishvand and Khattak agreed to enhance mutual cooperation in different economic sectors, including solar and hydro electrical energy and power plants, oil and gas, education, health, agriculture, livestock and tourism as well as exchange of delegations in the same areas.
Khattak pointed to status quo of Iran-Pakistan economic ties, and said, “The Pakistani government is committed to maintain friendly relations with the neighboring countries.”
“We’re keen to promote cordial relations with all the neighboring states in order for peace and development in the region, which is poor and backward,” he said.
Khattak reiterated that the friendly relations between Iran and Pakistan would grow stronger in future.
He said the provincial and Iranian experts would soon examine the possibilities of cooperation in different sectors, and that he would likely visit Tehran for the same purpose.
He said bilateral cooperation in different sectors for development would bear positive and great impact and would help bring the people of the two countries closer to each other.
Iran and Pakistan have exchanged delegations on a regular basis and the two neighboring countries are keen to expedite expansion of their bilateral ties.
نظراتی كه به تعميق و گسترش بحث كمك كنند، پس از مدت كوتاهی در معرض ملاحظه و قضاوت ديگر بينندگان قرار مي گيرد. نظرات حاوی توهين، افترا، تهمت و نيش به ديگران منتشر نمی شود.