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The Chamber of Shipping welcomed the launch of the federal government’s Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative (TTCI), which will include $2 billion over 11 years to strengthen Canada’s trade infrastructure, including ports and waterways that are essential to ocean carriers calling on Canadian ports.

WireService.ca Media Release (07/05/2017) Vancouver, BC – Canada’s trading gateways are facing increased competitive pressures and must strive for greater efficiencies across the supply chain. The government’s intent to support projects that address urgent capacity constraints and keep goods moving efficiently along Canada’s trade corridors will be beneficial to shippers, consumers, and Canadian businesses. These investments should also benefit coastal communities, as addressing inefficiencies in the supply chain reduces negative impacts on communities and the environment.

“Canada is a trading nation and this commitment indicates the importance Canada places on trade,” stated Robert Lewis-Manning, President of the Chamber of Shipping. “This fund will also complement the government’s commitments under the Oceans Protection Plan, ensuring that marine transportation is safe, sustainable, and efficient. We look forward to working with Canadian Port Authorities and the federal government to identify priority infrastructure investments that support Canada’s marine corridors.”

In British Columbia and across Canada, our continued prosperity and high standard of living depend on our ability to deliver resources, goods, and people in a responsible and competitive manner. Canada remains a strong trading nation, with one in five Canadian jobs and more than 60 per cent of our gross domestic product directly linked to exports. In order to preserve our competitiveness worldwide, it is critical that the Canadian government supports our national supply chain.


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