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EU NAVFOR confirmed that oil tanker, MT NAVIG8 Providence, came under attack by suspected armed pirates on June 01, 2017 in the Gulf of Oman and that the vessel is now safe. Counter-piracy naval forces are coordinating a response to search for pirate’s skiff. 

MT NAVIG8 Providence was at sea 100 nautical miles east of Muscat when she was approached by six armed men in a skiff.

It is understood that as the skiff moved towards the tanker, there was an exchange of small arms fire between the suspected pirates and the maritime security team on board the tanker, EUNAVFOR said.

In a email,  the ship master said that his ship’s protection team saw a ladder in the skiff. 

After carrying out defensive manoeuvres in accordance with the Shipping Industry recognised Best Management Practices (BMP4), together with the armed response from MT NAVIG8 Providence’s protection team, the suspected pirates broke off their attack and the vessel and crew are now safe.


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