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TIN news:   Syndicat Mixte de l’Aéroport Pau-Pyrénées (SMAPP) has approved a resolution to award the operation and management of Pau-Pyrénées Airport in Uzein, France, to Air’Py.
Air'Py is a group of businesses comprising Pau-Béarn Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Transdev and Egis.
The Pau-Béarn CCI holds the majority stake of 51% in Air’Py, while Transdev and Egis own 24.5% shares each in the business.
Consisting of 19 local authorities, the SMAPP includes the Aquitaine regional council and the Greater Pau city council.
"CCI will work in collaboration with Egis and Transdev to run the airport for a period of 12 years, beginning 1 January 2017."
Its main responsibility is to oversee the French airport’s development strategy and the supervision of the concession.
Pau-Béarn CCI had been managing the Pau-Pyrénées Airport since 1965.
Under the deal, CCI will work in collaboration with Egis and Transdev to run the airport for a period of 12 years, beginning 1 January 2017.
Pau-Pyrénées Airport, which handled more than 635,000 passengers last year, plays a major role in developing access to the Nouvelle Aquitaine administrative region in France.
Serving six regular destinations, Pau-Pyrénées is one of three airports in the southwest of France to be equipped with an all-weather landing system, alongside Bordeaux and Toulouse.
The airport is located at the centre of an economic hub that combines industrial services and military activities with the development of the airborne troop college.

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