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TIN news:   The newly developed Hamad Port has reduced the waiting time for ships at Doha Port, unburdening the customs clearance system, according to reports by the Peninsula.
Merchant vessels calling at Doha Port typically wait two to three days to dock, according to market sources, but since the opening of Hamad Port in December last year, this has decreased significantly.
Ship movements at Hamad Port increased fourfold in May compared to April this year, from 36 in April to 145 in May, according to the figures released by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
“We noticed significant changes at Doha Port. There are no more hassles. Giant vessels have begun to easily dock and offload at Hamad Port,” a clearance agent told the Peninsula.
The port congestion used to create lengthy traffic delays, with security sometimes restricting entry to the port due to the backlog, but such measures have not been taken for several months.
“Giant vessels carrying heavy equipment and vehicles and open ships loaded with pipes and building materials like cement, steel, gabbros and chemicals, among others, head to Hamad Port. Ships carrying general goods like foodstuff, garments, footwear, subsidised ration materials and fodders dock at Doha Port,” said the agent.
“Earlier, almost all types of vessels used to anchor at Doha Port, including those loaded with heavy equipment causing delay for ships during offloading, putting burden on the port management and customs and giving a hard time to agents running from the pillar to the post for clearance,” he added.

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