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TIN news:   IRU calls on French authorities to postpone implementation of Loi Macron as essential requirements for compliance by road transport operators are still not available. European Commission urged to support postponement until legal clarity established.
IRU’s Presidential Executive, meeting in Geneva today, unanimously demanded the immediate suspension of the French Loi Macron relating to international transport operators. The total lack of basic information regarding registration obligations or registration forms makes any application of the French minimum wage legislation on international road transport operators completely impossible and unacceptable.
IRU again urges the European Commission to take urgent action to support a moratorium on the French law, at least, until legal clarity is established, information is provided to the sector, and an adaption period is granted.
“IRU voiced its very real concerns with the French law more than one year ago. We highlighted problems with the practical implications of Loi Macron and specified that the problems would be increased if the implementation was not thoroughly planned for and explained, in full consultation with the industry. Those concerns have remained unanswered to date”, said Christian Labrot, IRU’s President.
The President added, “It is extremely disappointing that French authorities have thus far failed to listen to any of the sensible requests from the road transport sector. It is quite clear that with just a few days to go before the intended entry in to force of the regulations the French authorities are simply not ready. It is completely wrong and unacceptable that the road transport sector should be penalised, potentially by up to €500,000, for this lack of preparedness. We can expect total chaos on French roads as from 1 July if the government decides to go ahead with this ill prepared and misguided legislation. The only sensible solution is a moratorium.”
IRU asked for and had hoped that before proceeding with Loi Macron implementation, the French authorities would have waited for the outcome of the European Commission’s investigation into the German MiLoG case, as the two initiatives are based on the same concept. IRU therefore calls for a rapid conclusion to the European Commission’s investigation.

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