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TIN news:   The Directorate General of Shipping, Govt of India, has been receiving request regarding the reduction in manning scales for Indian flag  vessels laid up at Ports in India as well as overseas.
Section 76 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958,as amended, requires every Indian ship, at sea, port or place to engage such number of persons as may be prescribed. This office has accordingly, issued several circulars specifying the minimum safe manning of personnel crew required to be provided on different types of merchant ships. This office has also provided for reduced manning for ships idling at berth/safe anchorage vide its Circular NT SAFMAN- 2/2004 dated 10.02.04 and Engineering Circular No 121 of 10 dated 06.10.10.
Owners of Indian flag vessels intending to lay-up their vessel within the port limits are at least required to 
Obtain permission from the jurisdictional port authorities where the vessel is intended to be laid-up and comply with the conditions imposed by the port authority.
Ensure that security measures necessary to maintain the security aspects of the vessel are always maintained to the required standards, including the standards specified by the port.
Further details may be found by reading the Marine Notice below
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