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TIN news:  NTSB issued the Marine Accident Report for its investigation of the collision between the bulk carrier Conti Peridot and the tanker Carla Maersk in the Houston Ship Channel on 9 March 2015.
The report concluded that the probable cause of the collision was the inability of the pilot on the Conti Peridot to respond appropriately to hydrodynamic forces after meeting another vessel during restricted visibility, and his lack of communication with other vessels about this handling difficulty. Contributing to the circumstances that resulted in the collision was the inadequate bridge resource management between the master and the pilot on the Conti Peridot
Safety issues identified in this accident include the following:
Inadequate bridge resource management: Despite the pilot’s difficulty controlling the Conti Peridot’s heading leading up to the collision, he and the master did not work together to solve the problem. The pilot did not involve the master because he was unsure whether the master could do anything to help; the master said nothing because he was likely unaware of the vessel’s heading fluctuations and may have been generally reluctant to question the pilot.
Insufficient pilot communications: Although the pilot on the Conti Peridot was having difficulty controlling the vessel and had an earlier near-miss meeting with an oncoming ship, he did not alert the pilots on subsequent oncoming vessels, including the Carla Maersk.
Lack of predetermined ship movement strategies during restricted visibility in the Houston Ship Channel: On the day of the accident, local pilot associations determined that the increasing fog was significant enough to suspend pilot boardings of inbound ships. However, piloted vessels already under way continued the transit in the fog. Investigators found no existing predetermined ship movement strategy for piloted vessels already under way at the onset of hazardous weather conditions.
As a result of this investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board makes new recommendations to the Conti Peridot operating company (Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co.), the Houston Pilots Association, and the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee.
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Marine accident report

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