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TIN news:   Iranian Airports & AIR Navigation Company intendeds to purchase an ATM Surveillance Automation System for Iran Area Control Center (ACC) and TMA Surveillance Automation System for Tehran TMA and Simulators.
For analysis and Assessment Companies, following documents must be submitted:
1.  Technical Specification and Description for:

1.1.  Voice Communication system for Tehran ACC and Simulator
1.2.  ATM Automation system for Tehran ACC and Simulator
1.3.  TMA and Approach Surveillance Automation system and Simulator
1.4.  Tools and Auxiliary equipment
1.5.  Data sharing with other aviation Automation system such as ACCs /TMAs/APPs/TWRs Surveillance Automation systems, AIM Automation, IFPS, ATFM, A-SMGCS, Billing& Statistic system , Flight permission system and FIDS
1.6.  Data communication between ATM Surveillance Automation system from/to AFTN, AMHS and OLDI
1.7.The Voice Communications System (VCS) shall consist of the following segments:

1.7.1 Radio Communications or Ground-Air-Ground Communications (A/G) for voice contact  between pilots and air traffic controllers.

1.7.2 ATS network communication

1.7.3 Monitoring, control and technical supervision of the system shall be required.

1.7.  Table of Maximum Capacities

2.  Company profile, core competencies, financial and business documents
3.  Sales reference with details(such as: type, installation date, purchasers contact information,…..) and the feat project that reflect company abilities
4.  Hardware/Software and Operating System specification
5.  Training courses with duration and syllabus for each course
6.  Description of project management process and timeline
7.  Description about FAT & SAT
8.  Installation, commissioning, Final Acceptance test procedure.
9.  warranty, support and spare parts
10.  Standards and certificates

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