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TIN news:   Technological progress has made space tourism, suborbital trips and trips to the Moon a reality. Oscar Viñals has recently presented an innovative space tourism project. The SXT-A Iron Speed (Space XL Transporter – Advanced) aircraft concept combines three types of propulsion engines in various stages to connect two different locations just like any commercial flight, the difference is its passengers could experience a supersonic cruise speed at Mach2, a maximum Hypersonic speed at Mach6 and stay for a few minutes at the border to space at 100km of altitude. The 80% of the structure of the SXT-A “Iron Speed” consists of the propulsion systems and tanks fuel, while 20% (front section of the aircraft) would host the crew members and passengers and the two elevators or “Space Balconies” that would be utilized at 100km. of altitude, giving to the crew the feeling of “being out” of the aircraft, in space. This aircraft would transport up to 5 crew members and 15 passengers or “space tourists”. To provide safety of the passengers there would be three ejectable emergency capsules.The SXT-A Iron Speed would be fitted out with a parachute to slow the aircraft in the landing maneuver, an “eject able cone” to protect the rocket engine, special nozzles to reduce noise and redirect exhaust gases.

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