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TIN news:   Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR) has awarded a supply contract to Comsoft to provide AFTN/AMHS solution AIDA-NG and CADAS, to enhance its aeronautical data transmission process.

The installation of Comsoft's aeronautical message handling system solution will enable ANS CR to tackle the future air traffic management challenges.

By upgrading its message handling facilities, the Central European country will be better capable to manage the number of overflights in the Flight Information Region, Praha FIR.
The solution is equipped with an AFTN/AMHS message switch and a model test system, which can be used during emergencies.

Additionally, the client-server CADAS- ATS terminal system for the ATS user will provide operators with direct access to aeronautical information such as flight schedules, NOTAMS, and weather information.

Comsoft's AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS message switch solution is a messaging framework for all kinds of aeronautical messages such as AFTN/CIDIN, AMHS, OLDI, WMO, XML-based formats. It enables full integration of processing in a single application.

The synchronisation of the message exchange structure facilitates the entire system to be managed by a single user interface, for a combined handling of messaging work flows.

With Comsoft's CADAS, ANS CR will gain advanced service for the operation of AFTN-based and/or AMHS-UA-based terminals, along with a sophisticated ATS end user interface to manage ATS messages and end user workflows, totally separated from the terminal operation mode.

ANS CR and Comsoft have earlier collaborated in the deployment of Radar Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment, RMCDE, in 2010 and Eurocontrol's surveillance tracker and server, ARTAS, in 2012.
Comsoft's AIDA-NG is currently being used by 84% of AHMS connections across the globe.

Recently, the company was contracted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Qatar (QCAA) to supply it with a fully automated initial flight plan processing system (IFPS), in a bid to enhance operations.

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