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TIN news:   Each year, at the beginning of autumn, Chabahar Port draws a large number of visitors because of its pleasant climate. Known as the 'land of all seasons', Chabahar is located in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan whose inhabitants are warm, hospitable and friendly.
Chabahar — situated on the Oman Sea coast — enjoys a prominent position due to its access to free waters, in addition to other activities such as trade, commerce and navigation.
Bahu Kalat Plain, home to thousands hectares of banana and watermelon farms, is very attractive for domestic and foreign tourists. Portuguese Castle, Tis Tourism Village and Lipar Wetland as well as several shopping centers, established in the port, create an unforgettable memory for visitors to the port city.
Chabahar-Gwader Road, passing through Lipar Wetland, has a beautiful perspective. Oak trees and nettles grown in the middle of water have created such wonderful scenery which cannot be found anywhere else. Various species of birds, including stork and peacock, live in the wetland.
Director of Chabahar Free Trade Zone Organization for Tourism Affairs Saeed Rigi said Chabahar is among the most important southern ports of Iran.
"The port's access to free waters creates an opportunity for it to play a key role in increasing Iran's commercial exchange with foreign countries," he added.
He said a large number of tourists arrived in the region to visit its historical and natural attractions in the past two months.
Rigi noted Chabahar has sufficient potentials to be known as a land of all seasons, adding a promotional page by the same name has been created in Instagram and boosted the arrival of tourists.
The official said discounts on hotel and tour rates, offered to tourists arriving in the port, are expected to encourage more travelers to visit the region in the future.
Also, Director General of Sistan-Baluchestan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department Kambiz Moshtaq-Gohari said a thriving tourism industry in Chabahar can help the development of province.
He said Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization is responsible for safeguarding national culture and civilization, adding Sistan- Baluchestan should become a major tourism hub in Iran.
"Tourists can also visit the tourism sites of other cities located in the vicinity of the port," he said.
The official said the largest number of tourists, visiting Chabahar Port, are from neighboring provinces, thus great strides should be taken to persuade people from other provinces to travel to the region.
He said Sistan-Baluchestan Cultural Heritage Department has drawn up a one-year plan to introduce the attractions of the province. A four-year plan is expected to be devised in the near future in this respect, he added.
He said some tourist sites of the province including Shahr-e Soukhteh (Burnt City), Mount Khajeh, Naseri Castle and Dahaneh Gholaman are unique in their own ways.

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