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TIN news:       iSIGN Media has collaborated with Rich Multimedia Technologies (RMT) for the integration of its patented technology into RMT's Tele-Digital Store Fronts, located in major international airports worldwide.
Under the partnership, RMT's Tele-Digital Store Fronts will be retro-fitted with Smart Antennas facilitating nearly 8,918 kiosks to broadcast wireless multimedia messages to nearby mobile devices, in addition to creating a mobile interactive media, advertising and entertainment network throughout the airport.
With the partnership, RMT expects to create the first ever airport-wide, fully integrated and complete advertising and mobile captured network to serve retail and commercial locations and their brands.
Additionally, the installations will become part of iSIGN's National Mobile Network (NMN), with third-party advertising sales handled by AllOver Media (AOM) enabling advertisers to interact with consumers on their mobile devices.
"We are very pleased to have a proximity advertising solution that does not require apps."
RMT global business development vice-president Mark Steven said: "iSIGN's Smart Antenna, which was specifically designed for commercial use, utilises an external heavy-duty antenna that allows integration without affecting broadcasting. iSIGN's major advantage is that it doesn't require individuals to download an app to receive messages.
"We are excited to add iSIGN's technology to our existing critical passenger services, such as free phone and re-charging zones, coupled with mobile digital and eye-level advertising and entertainment. We are very pleased to have a proximity advertising solution that does not require apps. We feel this is critical in today's market."
Currently, RMT has 318 Tele-Digital Store Fronts equipped with free phone and mobile phone re-charging services, located in three airports in the US.
RMT plans to deploy approximately 5,000 Tele-Digital Store Fronts in Mexico City's international airport, transit system and government facilities over the next three months, in addition to 3,600 Kiosks in multiple major international airports in the US and Canada by the end of 2016.
RMT is expected to roll out into the ten major international airports by the end of 2016, and is expected to add an additional traffic count of 514.6 million.

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