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TIN news:         The Iranian passenger bus came under the PKK attack in Çaldıran district of Van earlier today.
Meantime, Iranian Ambassador to Ankara Alireza Bigdeli said that no one died during the attack by unknown gunmen on the Iranian passenger bus near the city of Van. 
An Iranian national named Davoud Qan has just been wounded, he added.
On July 30, Terrorists attacked the Ankara-Tehran train in Turkey\'s Bingol province.
The attack took place in Ganch region of Turkey\'s Bingol province and in relation to a mine explosion.
Salim Kusshgar, the governor-general of Bingol province, said that the Ankara-Tehran passenger train, called the Trans Asia Train, was attacked by the PKK terrorist group.
"A number of the train\'s wagons were damaged, but the explosion caused no human casualties and the train continued its procession," he added.
The mine was exploded using a remote control device, Hurriyet wrote.
The PKK has increased its operations inside the Turkish soil after Ankara\'s air force attacked the ISIL positions in Syria and Kurdish PKK militants in Northern Iraq on Friday night.
After the attack, an explosion hit the Iran-Turkey natural gas pipeline in the eastern Turkish province of Agrı on Monday. Iran stopped gas flow to that country immediately after being informed of the incident

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