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TIN news:          Alstom has secured a €46m contract to deliver eight additional Régiolis (Coradia Polyvalent) multiple units to the French region of Midi-Pyrénées.
The new contract follows an initial order for 25 Régiolis placed by the region in 2009, which entered commercial service on the routes from Toulouse to Latour-de-Carol and Mazamet from July last year.
"It symbolises the region's renewed confidence in Alstom and its products."
The new Régiolis, for suburban version, are made up of four cars and have 50% more doors than their regional counterparts, facilitating passenger flow.
Following request by the Midi-Pyrénées region, the new trains have been equipped with specific equipment such as passenger counting systems, dedicated storage space for bicycles and luggage, and front-panel displays showing the destinations.
Speaking about the order, Alstom Transport France managing director Ana Giros said: "It symbolises the region's renewed confidence in Alstom and its products."
Régiolis is part of Alstom's Coradia range and is available in three lengths of 56m, 72m and 110m.
Equipped with ERTMS technology, Régiolis is the first regional train in France to conform to all European standards.
A total of 226 Coradia Polyvalent trains have so far been ordered as part of the contract awarded to Alstom by SNCF in October 2009, of which 192 Régiolis by 12 French regions and 34 Coradia Liner units by the French state, the organising authority for France's Trains d'Equilibre du Territoire (TET) or intercity trains.
The company noted that the production of Coradia Polyvalent generates more than 4,000 jobs in France for them and its suppliers.

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