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TIN news:         The member Authorities of the Indian Ocean Memorandum of Understanding (IOMOU) announced the launch of a new Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry. The three month campaign will start on September 1, 2015 and end on November 30, 2015.
The campaign shall be conducted simultaneously with the Paris MoU, Tokyo MoU and other MoUs. The purpose of this CIC is to get a detailed insight of the compliance with the relevant Conventions/ Regulations as applicable.
During the campaign period, member Authorities of the IOMOU will inspect within the resources available, as many ships as possible in conjunction with routine port State control inspections.
Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) will apply a questionnaire listing nine selected areas to be covered during the concentrated inspection. The areas includes training of crew members responsible for testing the atmosphere in enclosed spaces and familiarization with the relevant equipments and identify and understand the hazards associated with the entry into enclosed space.
Deficiencies found during the inspection will be recorded by the PSCOs and actions may vary from recording a deficiency and instructing the master to rectify it within a certain period to detaining the ship until serious deficiencies have been rectified.
The results of the campaign will be analyzed and findings will be presented to the IOMOU Committee for submission to the International Maritime Organization.

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