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TIN news:   Republic-Republic-Marshall-IslandsInternational Registries (IRI) will be hosting receptions at the Asia Shipping Fortune Summit taking place in Shanghai from 13-14 May and the World Shipping (China) Summit in the fall of 2014. The RMI Registry will celebrate surpassing the milestone of 100 million gross tons at these two major shipping events in China.
“We are delighted to celebrate this landmark achievement with shipowners and other industry stakeholders in the Chinese maritime community,” said Annie Ng, Head of Asia, IRI. “Since 2011, there has been, on average, a 20% increase in the number of Chinese owners in the RMI fleet due to the shipyards and other maritime services companies in China that have expanded their global reach and influence,” she continued.
The RMI Registry is one of the world’s premier quality maritime registries that is globally recognized as a modern and efficient administration and is noted for its contributions to the safety and security of shipping and efforts to protect the marine environment. The RMI Registry is the third largest in the world and now stands at over 103 million gross tons with more than 3,100 vessels.
“While the RMI Registry’s largest shipowning countries include Greece, the United States, Germany and Norway, we have been very happy to see tonnage coming out of the Far East,” said Annie Ng.
Reflecting on the importance of China to the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the RMI Registry, the country’s President Christopher Jorebon Loeak said he is “looking forward to working more closely with China.”
"We see many opportunities to develop our cultural and business ties with China in the future,” he continued. “There are many areas where our two countries can co-operate and collaborate in order to build a sustainable relationship based on our individual needs and shared economic interests," said President Loeak.
The RMI Registry is the only major open registry to be included on the White Lists of both the Paris and Tokyo Memorandums of understanding (MoUs) and to hold Qualship 21 status with the United States Coast Guard for nine consecutive years.
“The RMI Registry is committed to our owners and operators in China and will continue to provide strong support to this developing market,” concluded Annie Ng.

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