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TIN news:   LNG-tankerCUI Global announced that, effective March 4, 2014, it has received certification for use of its revolutionary GasPT2 technology for use offshore and in the marine industry, specifically for use aboard natural gas tankers, from the American Bureau of Shipping ("ABS").
The certified GasPT2 system was designed in close collaboration with The Cryostar Group and ABS. It is intended to take a sample of pressurised natural boil-off gas ("NBOG") and provide composition data, which is then fed into the ship's Distribution Control System ("DCS"). The data is used to optimise the performance of the re-liquification process, it incorporates specialized cryogenic equipment and CUI Global's wholly-owned subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems Ltd's ("Orbital-UK"), in-house bespoke engineering of critical components to satisfy the key challenges for the marine environment, whilst ensuring operator and system safety.
In a recent project, Cryostar was looking to enhance the control of its proprietary EcoRel re-liquefaction plants. These plants are typically used on LNG carriers fitted with 2-stroke slow speed diesel engines which do not consume the NBOG and therefore require a means to maintain safe cargo tank conditions and re-liquefy the NBOG utilizing the data provided by the GasPT2 to optimise the performance of the re-liquefaction process.
Cryostar was attracted by the robust and "fit and forget" nature of the GasPT2 design, as the ships crews may not have the specialized technical knowledge to maintain other types of analysers, especially those requiring periodic re-calibration.
Based on receipt of this ABS certification, Orbital-UK is now in the process of delivering to Cryostar the first four systems for use on-board new LNG carriers.
CUI Global's president & CEO, William Clough, stated that, "receiving this certification from such an iconic organization as ABS, allows the company to aggressively enter yet another market with its unique natural gas technology. Meanwhile, our immediate delivery of units to Cryostar and its adoption of the GasPT2 solution ensure our credibility and viability in the growing marine and offshore natural gas markets."

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