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TIN news:   Air Canada expects to take delivery of its first Boeing 787 aircraft “around May 18," says a spokesman for the airline.
The carrier will fly the 251-seat 787-8 between Toronto Pearson International airport and Tokyo Haneda International airport starting 1 July, as well as between Toronto and Tel Aviv.
Air Canada plans to receive three 787s in the second quarter. The airline says it will temporarily fly them on other transatlantic and domestic routes to introduce passengers to the service before the dedicated routes begin.
Air Canada has ordered 15 787-8s that will begin deliveries in May, as well as 22 787-9s that will begin deliveries in July 2015. The airline plans to receive all of the aircraft by 2019.
The carrier’s 787-8s will feature international business class, premium economy and economy class cabins.

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