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TIN news:        The concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) for 2015 in the Paris MoU will be on Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry. This was agreed on during the 48th Paris MoU Committee meeting held in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, on 18–22 May. The committee also decided that there will be a CIC in 2016 for the Maritime Labour Convention.
The CIC focuses on specific areas to verify compliance with international regulations. The aim is to gather information and enforce the level of compliance. The CIC for Enclosed Space Entry is scheduled to be from September to November this year and will be carried out jointly with the Tokyo MoU and Black Sea MoU. Other MoUs may also join this campaign.
The Maritime Labour Convention, MLC 2006, came into force in August 2013, and the scheduled CIC for 2016 on the Maritime Labour Convention will be carried out to verify compliance with the convention. The questionnaire and guidelines for this was completed and adopted by the Paris MoU Committee at the meeting in Noordwijkerhout.
Secretary General Richard Schiferli expressed that this decision demonstrated the importance to the Paris MoU of decent working and living conditions on-board ships as well as of ensuring seafarers’ rights are respected.
The full press release regarding the concentrated inspection campaigns is published on the Paris MoU website.

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