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TIN news:         The 2014 master plan of Australia's Jandakot Airport has been approved by the government 
Deputy prime minister and minister for infrastructure and regional development Warren Truss said that the master plan lays down a plan for the development and the details of intended uses for the site during the next 20 years.
This will replace the existing master plan from 2009 and fulfill JAH's statutory obligations under the Airports Act 1996.
"Jandakot Airport has affirmed its commitment to aviation by investing in significant aeronautical developments."
The 2014 plan will contain a few revisions over the existing planl which will include the refinement of the design of the fourth runway and associated taxiways, the provision of Precincts 6 and 6A as 'mixed business' and 'aviation operations' land use areas respectively, along with the provision of internal airport roads to service these precincts.
This will result in a 50% increase in land for aviation development, a revised alignment of the proposed East Link road and a minor road access into Precinct 5 of the airport via Spar tan Street.
Speaking about the plan, Truss said: "The Jandakot Airport site, south of Perth, currently supports 1,150 direct jobs and is responsible for $61m in export revenue for the Western Australian economy. The master plan I approved today will support 8,050 employees, across 300 businesses, equating to $420m in salaries over the 20-year life of the blueprint.
"Jandakot Airport has affirmed its commitment to aviation by investing in significant aeronautical developments, including a proposed fourth runway, taxiway works and runway-end safety areas."
The airport will need to release its master plan to the public in 50 business days.
"Jandakot Airport has recognised the off-airport impacts of ground transport and is working closely with a range of stakeholders to meet those challenges," Truss added.
"Through thoughtful investment and steady growth, Jandakot Airport can continue its leading role as one of the nation's premier aviation training facilities."

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