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TIN news:       Travel industry technology partner Amadeus is to deliver a range of new solutions to Austria's Innsbruck Airport.
According to an agreement with Innsbruck, the deal includes technologies such as airport common use service (ACUS), baggage reconciliation systems (BRS) and passenger verification (PV).
ACUS will offer cloud technology to airlines and ground handling firms, helping them access passenger processing systems.
The platform for this will be hosted on Amadeus' centralised data processing facility in Germany, which will help to eliminate the need for expensive, onsite IT infrastructure and also reduce energy costs.
"Our aim is to offer Innsbruck a cost-effective approach to providing more customised and flexible passenger processing."
Taking advantage of the logistical benefits through cloud-based technology, the airport will be able to reassign passenger check-in and boarding operations to alternative locations whenever necessary, which will help in reducing the impact of disruption on passengers and airlines.
Innsbruck customers will be able to avoid exchanging costly baggage messages with the implementation of Amadeus' baggage reconciliation system.
With the passenger verification technology, the airport will be equipped to carry out automated passenger checks at various points within its premises that will ensure an enhanced passenger experience.
Innsbruck Airport director airport operations and head of IT Michael Herrmann said: "With the greater flexibility of these Amadeus airport solutions, we can minimise passenger disruption in unforeseen circumstances, reduce delays and guarantee a 100% reconciliation rate between passengers and their baggage.
"Sharing IT resources and using cloud technology will also free up revenue and physical space to be able to develop our commercial offerings for passengers."
Amadeus head of airport IT John Jarrell said: "Airports are facing numerous business challenges today, not least struggling to cope with increasing passenger traffic when aeronautical revenues are declining.
"Thus our aim is to offer Innsbruck a cost-effective approach to providing more customised and flexible passenger processing. These solutions are part of Amadeus' broader commitment to improve airports' passenger experience and operational efficiency."

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