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TIN news:    Four concepts for the future design of Western Sydney Airport have been made public for voting in Australia.
Organised by Consult Australia, it will allow the public to discuss what they expect from the new airport.
The competition will see the incorporation of wider infrastructure initiatives for Greater Western Sydney, while keeping in mind the government's vision for a large and sustained population for the region.
The entries have detailed transport and cultural infrastructure plans, along with their environmental impact statements.
Each proposal has worked on the basis of three stages, the first of which comprises an operational airport by 2025. The second is an expanded airport by 2035 and the third a completion by 2050.
Simultaneous transport and cultural infrastructure upgrades will also be part of the plans.
"A Western Sydney Airport represents a rare opportunity."
Some of the features of these concepts include the construction of a drive-through airport that processes planes like a car wash, a model to have low environment impact and an Aerotropolis for the creation of an entertainment and business hub.
A new terminal design, integrating renewable energy sources, a green roof, and a Food Bowl farmers market, is also included.
Consult Australia NSW state manager Alexia Lidas said: "These four proposals provide fresh thinking on how this once in a lifetime, nation-building mega project, can maximise its benefits for the community, business and government. A Western Sydney Airport represents a rare opportunity.
"If the airport is going to be the game changer we need in Sydney, new thinking and smart planning is the key to ensure that the economic and social outcomes are maximised."

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