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TIN news:     Beechcraft has demonstrated the long-range capabilities of its King Air 350ER by making a nonstop trip between California’s Napa County airport and Honolulu International – a distance of 2,121nm (3,928km).
Performed using a standard production aircraft that serves as a Special Mission demonstrator, the flight lasted 8h 52min, cruising at 28,000ft. The California to Hawaii leg is unique in that it is the longest oceanic flight possible without an available afield on the way.
“This is the first time a King Air-class airplane has made the California to Hawaii leg without additional ferry fuel tanks,” says Dan Keady, vice-president, Special Missions.
“We’ve been touting the King Air 350ER’s endurance, range, payload and mission flexibility and now we’ve demonstrated the airplane’s unique deployment capabilities.”
The King Air 350ER includes additional fuel capacity and reinforced landing gear allowing for 2,500nm nautical mile range and take-off weight of 7,500kg (16,500lb).

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