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TIN news:    Flag-of-CanadaCanada's Minister of Transport, Lisa Raitt and Jean Laflamme, General Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Development of Ocean Mapping (CIDCO), announced that their organizations will be working together to develop a new method for underwater surveying (also known as bathymetric surveying) using floatplanes.
In the coming weeks, testing under actual conditions will be conducted at sea in Rimouski to determine whether the seabed can be charted using technology that is not ship-based. The goal of the project is to save time and money while also making marine transportation safer and more efficient.
The new floatplane survey method could be used in Canada's North to produce seabed charts that are more comprehensive and would allow planners and specialists to make better decisions concerning Canada's northern transportation system.
The partners in this project are CIDCO, the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Quebec Region, in Mont Joli, Géosphair Aviation, and RESON, a company specializing in sonar technology.
“Improving the reliability of nautical charts will reduce the risks associated with commercial and recreational navigation in Canada’s North. Detailed charts will also help commercial shipping companies to save money by transporting goods more efficiently. That’s why we are proud to be participating in this research and development project,” said the Honourable Lisa Raitt.
“CIDCO’s mission is to develop the supply of private, original and professional Canadian expertise in hydrography that will stand out on the global stage. This floatplane-based marine mapping project will enable a Canadian company to offer a new bathymetry service that is unlike anything else in the world,” said Jean Laflamme.

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