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TIN news:   Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain have developed software that provides real-time traffic data on mobile and web-based devices.
The software provides information and predictions on traffic density between cities, enabling the users to choose an alternative road in the event of traffic jams or road closures.
"We have been able to monitor traffic density and movement on an individual basis."
Claimed to be low-cost and easy-to-install, the software collects data on road traffic using monitorising nodes installed in vehicles and drivers' devices.
The nodes capture the signals emitted by various components inside the vehicles such as GPS, hands-free devices and drivers' mobile phones.
The data collected from the devices in a region is sent to a central server, where it is processed using complex data mining algorithms, evolutionary computing and neuronal networks.
University of Granada principal investigator of the project Pedro A Castillo said: "Thanks to this new method, we have been able to monitor traffic density and movement on an individual basis as vehicle users move between nodes within the zone in question."
The system is being currently tested in Granada and Seville, where 20 monitorisation nodes have been installed.
According to researchers, the technology does not breach privacy as the data collected is not associated with any specific user, since they do not gather any information that can allow for the personal identification.

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