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 TIN news:    Port-HedlandThe ATSB is investigating an engine room fire on board the Panama registered bulk carrierMarigold that occurred at 1450 WST on 13 July 2014. The ship's crew responded with assistance from Port and civil emergency services.
The fire was extinguished and the ship is now reliant on shore power. Two crew members suffered smoke inhalation and were transported to hospital for treatment.
Two ATSB investigators are attending onsite at Port Hedland. They have been on board the ship on 15 and 16 July to collect evidence to understand the circumstances surrounding the occurrence.
A number of involved parties both on board and ashore have also been interviewed. The onsite phase of the investigation is continuing. The investigation so far has revealed the fire started in the turbo charger of number 1 alternator in the ship's engine room.
The crew took initial firefighting actions including the release of the fixed fire-fighting system and called for assistance from shore authorities. This was provided including the use of two fire-fighting tugs which primarily supplied boundary cooling.
The ship remains alongside its berth, while assessment and the planning of future actions is undertaken.

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