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TIN news:     Lithuania-seafarersThe Government of Lithuania voted in favor of approving the new maritime law amendments proposed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
In order to ensure safe navigation and prevent ship pollution, Lithuania will implement the new model regulations for the control of the international and Lithuania‘s ships.
Maritime Safety Law establishes new binding provisions for Seaworthiness of Vessel, as well as determines competent institutions responsible for the maintenance of the ships flying the Lithuanian flag. The amendments establish binding international procedures for IMO Member State Audit aimed at determining whether the State comply with its international obligations as flag, port or coastal State.
The amendments seek to improve the shipping industry and ensure the welfare of seafarers. The Ministry of Social Security and Labour together with the Ministry of Transport and Communications are to establish mandatory requirements regarding the working conditions for seafarers, their safety and health. Whereas the Ministry of Health together with the Ministry of Transport and Communications are set to adopt mandatory regulations on Seafarers‘ heath care.

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