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TIN news:  Corvus Energy announced that it has been selected as the supplier of lithium ion based energy storage systems (ESS) for two new polar expedition cruise vessels being built for a European expedition cruise operator. Corvus will supply its Orca Energy ESS to provide supplemental energy to the vessels in order to improve performance and reduce both operating costs and emissions.
The two new vessels will be designed and customized specifically for polar expedition voyages in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as along the Norwegian coastline. The selection of the Orca Energy ESS demonstrates the ship owner’s commitment to environmental sustainability by equipping the ships with advanced environmentally-friendly technology to reduce emissions. Each polar exploration vessel has capacity for a 6MWh Orca Energy ESS to provide operational power. The Energy Storage System will not only reduce fuel and operating costs but it will also drastically reduce the environmental impact of each vessel.
In alignment with the operator’s goal of environmental sustainability, and while providing its passengers with the experience of exploring some of the world’s most unspoiled natural surroundings, the vessels will be capable of sailing silently on ESS battery power alone into pristine locations, lifting the natural experience to an entirely new level for cruise ships.
“The selection of Orca ESS for these two large and technologically advanced expedition cruise ships is further validation of Orca’s industry leading safety, performance and reliability innovations”, says Halvard Hauso, SVP Business Development of Corvus Energy. Adding, “Corvus is honoured to have Orca ESS as an integral part of the customer’s objective of designing these ships with the world’s most innovative ship technology. Orca’s advancements on safety and performance have not only caught this customer’s attention but also the attention of ship builders and integrators around the globe.”
Corvus designed and built the Orca ESS solutions portfolio based on the experience from 65+ vessels utilizing a Corvus ESS, totaling over 35MWh and 1 million operating hours. Rather than a single product, the Orca ESS product line delivers a range of products which are designed to meet the needs of various marine customers.
Orca Energy is for applications that require large amounts of energy such as cruise ships, ferries and merchant vessels, while Orca Power has been designed for applications that require a seamless response to dynamic power loads, such as offshore supply vessels and port equipment.

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