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TIN news:  The  Clean Shipping Coalition has sent a letter to Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary General of IMO, criticizing his recent views on including shipping industry in the EU Emission Trading System. Mr. Lim has expressed concerns that this actions could undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse as emissions from shipping on a global basis whereas the NGO supports that  IMO should not interfere in European politics.
In the letter, the NGO says it is both surprised and disappointed by Mr Lim’s letter and slams IMO’s intervention in the EU’s democratic process.
”We hope now Mr Secretary-General that you will take stock and direct your efforts towards those IMO member states and others that are blocking and slowing down action at IMO level, so that we can more swiftly reach an ambitious global agreement on ship GHG emissions. In this we can assure you and the IMO of CSC’s continued support. ”, concludes the letter.
Find out more by reading the letter herebelow

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