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TIN news:  According to the new European Regulation (EU) 2015/757 for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Carbon Dioxide emissions for Shipping (EU MRV), from 1/1/2018 onwards every ship equal to or larger than 5000 GT which has a commercial operation and calls to a European port, is obliged to monitor and report a series of relevant data to the CO2 emissions. It is estimated that 15,000 ships are affected by the requirements of this Regulation, with each one of them obliged to report those data in an annual basis to the European Commission, after having them verified by an independent, ISO 14065 accredited verifier. Prior to the inauguration of the monitoring period, the Regulation imposes on every ship lying in the above category to develop an appropriate monitoring methodology of the required data, compile a ship specific Monitoring Plan and submit it, earlier than 1st of September 2017, for assessment by an accredited verification body.
EMICERT, the specialized Hellenic body, exclusively engaged since 2005 with the verification of Green House Gas emissions, is the only one organization globally that has completed the ISO 14065 accreditation process, in the context of the European Regulation 2015/757 (EU MRV).
In 20 December 2016 ESYD, the National Accreditation System, issued a new Accreditation Certificate to EMICERT (874-3), which includes Assessment of the ships Monitoring Plans. The accreditation process (preparation and audits), which lasted longer than 12 months, confirmed the technical sufficiency of the Body at the system level as well as at the technical competence of the dedicated personnel. EMICERT’s Accreditation Certificate is definitively acceptable in the whole European Union’s territory, since ESYD, is a founding member of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and the MLA – Multilateral Agreement.
Within the next 8 months (until 31/08/2017) all ships lying in the jurisdiction of this new European Regulation must have completed their preparation for complying with its requirements. EMICERT by fulfilling entirely the Verifier’s typical competence requirements and capitalizing the long, substantial experience and technical know-how in CO2 verification, has already started co-operation with very important Shipping Companies for supporting their timely, reliable and effective compliance with the requirements of the Regulation.

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