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TIN news:  The Ohio River Bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana commenced electronic tolling operations from 30 December 2016.
The new route option through the Midwest links up multiple routes between Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
The new State Road 265 bridge across the Ohio River that was previously known as the East End bridge but was renamed the Lewis and Clark Bridge. It connects Utica, Indiana and Prospect, Kentucky.
The Lewis and Clark Bridge was the final major piece of the $2.3bn Louisville – Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project to open to traffic.
The project also features new six-lane, I-65 North Abraham Lincoln Bridge and the improved six-lane, I-65 South Kennedy Bridge in Downtown Louisville.
The combination of these three routes has nearly doubled the cross-river capacity downtown.
It is reported that RiverLink is all-electronic tolling, with no stopping, no slowing, no lines and no coin machines. Vehicles using the bridges must possess a transponder to pay the lowest rates.
"The combination of these three routes has nearly doubled the cross-river capacity downtown."
The company noted that customers with E-ZPass, or PrePass and BESTPASS toll accounts that include E-ZPass may use their existing transponders.
The new bridge is said to benefit more than 16,000 trucks a day, as they use the toll bridges as a business route to save time, money and fuel.
The new Lewis and Clark Bridge connects the Gene Snyder Freeway in Prospect, Kentucky (I-265) with Indiana 265 near Utica, Indiana.

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