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TIN news:  Europe’s air transport safety authority has put forward a formal proposal to support mental fitness of pilots in the wake of last year’s Germanwings Airbus A320 crash.
Development of the proposal follows an inquiry into the crash which determined that the aircraft had been deliberately flown into high terrain by the first officer, who had previously been treated for psychological problems.
The European Aviation Safety Agency has proposed changes to air operations implementing rules, comprising preventative, corrective and complementary measures.
EASA’s formal opinion – which follow recommendations developed last year – will be the foundation of a legislative proposal by the European Commission scheduled to emerge next year.
The authority’s opinion advises carrying out psychological assessments of crews before line-flying approval and providing access to a support programme.
EASA is also putting forward a complementary action to mandate random alcohol screening of flightcrew and cabin crew – those not already subject to a psychoactive-substance testing scheme – within ramp-inspection programmes.
It states that this mandate will “ensure an additional safety barrier”. To avoid “double-testing”, EASA says it will provide member states with a list of operators whose crews will not be subjected to this alcohol-screening programme.

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