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TIN news:  Major changes are taking place in Gothenburg. In the spring, both Skaraslättens Transport and Green Cargo will be closing their forest product transshipment terminals. In response, capacity at the three remaining forest product terminals will be expanded to handle increased volumes.
Following the closure of the Skaraslättens Transport terminal and the Green Cargo Gothenburg North terminal, there will be just three instead of five forest product transshipment terminals beside the port – Mimab, DFDS Arendal Terminal and Paper Logistics Center.
The three terminals receive pulp, paper and sawn timber for shipment to various destinations throughout the world, mostly Asia but also to Europe and South America.
Mimab began operating at the container terminal at the Port of Gothenburg just two years ago. The company is now set to expand with the addition of a further facility, complete with a rail link and full weather protection.
“This is a major investment that will allow us to receive higher volumes. We will double our capacity by the year-end,” said Mimab Chief Executive Michael Bergman.
Following the expansion, the facility will be capable of handling 400,000 tonnes of forest products each year. There will be 26,000 square metres dedicated specifically to cross-docking. Cross-docking means that incoming consignments are unloaded and separated according to order and destination. They are then transferred to containers, which are transported to the quayside and loaded on board the vessels. 
DFDS Logistics at Arendal and the Paper Logistics Center at the Gothenburg Roro Terminal are also affected by the rise in volumes.
“There will be a substantial increase in volumes for us, particularly sawn timber and pulp. To deal with this, we have invested in a load plate to facilitate efficient transshipment of sawn timber products,” said Niklas Andersson at DFDS Logistics.
Mikael Karlsson, Customer Relations Manager at Gothenburg Roro Terminal, said:
“We handle around 300,000 tonnes of forest products each year and we have the capacity to cope with twice that volume. This current expansion will allow us to make good use of the terminal’s capacity.”
Furthermore, there are three forest product transshipment terminals adjacent to the Port of Gothenburg. Mimab, operated by a company of the same name, has 26,000 square metres of weather-protected space. Paper Logistics Center, operated by Gothenburg Roro Terminal, has 14,000 square metres of weather-protected space. DFDS Arendal Terminal, operated by DFDS Logistics, comprises 250,000 square metres of enclosed space, of which around 50,000 square metres are weather-protected.
All three terminals offer transshipment of pulp, paper and sawn timber from rail or road trucks to containers, ro-ro trailers and other load units. They are all linked to the rail system and offer cross-docking, where the load is broken and transferred from an inbound load carrier to one or more outbound load carriers.

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