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TIN news:   Thirteen port and customs officials were charged  with stealing cargo containers and aiding tax evasion on freight at Kenya’s Mombasa port, part of a drive to clamp down on corruption and boost efficiency at .
Although Mombasa port is considered as a trade gateway for much of East Africa, neighbouring countries often complain about corruption and the slow processing of cargo.
Specifically and according to Reuters, thirteen people, among them three women, were charged on November 2 with theft of cargo, “aiding procurement” of goods that had not gone through proper customs procedures, tampering with computerised customs systems and other charges. However, the court denied all charges and were released paying 500,000 shillings each. The next court hearing is on November 15.
Mombasa’s port management said in February all transit cargo through Mombasa would be cleared in the port to curb tax evasion and smuggling. Reuters also calls to mind that previously, some containers heading beyond Kenya were cleared at private freight station outside the port.

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