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TIN news:   The China ClassificationSociety (CCS), which falls under the Chinese Ministry of Transport, has opened an office in Copenhagen, further extending Sino-Danish maritime cooperation.
 “For a maritime nation such as Denmark, it is important to have good relations and to cooperate with major maritime nations like China,” said Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) Director General Andreas Nordseth. “Therefore, I am pleased about the possibility of strengthening this cooperation and dialogue through the opening of the CCS office in Copenhagen. The CCS will be an important partner in Blue Denmark.”
The CCS is a classification society that carries out class inspections and certification of ships, offshore installations, equipment, etc. and offers technical advice in and outside China.
In 2015, the CCS was recognized for carrying out surveys on behalf of the Danish maritime authorities. In addition to ship surveys, the CCS also approves equipment in connection with shipbuilding in China and is, thus, a major player for the Danish marine equipment industry, according to the DMA.

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