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TIN news:    Engineering and construction firm Bechtel has been appointed to build the second runway and develop a midfield terminal at Gatwick Airport, UK.
Bechtel has been working with the airport for the last two years to define a robust delivery programme, execution plan and logistics strategy for the runway project, while ensuring the expansion is safe and less likely to disrupt existing infrastructure.
Once approved by the UK Government, the project will deliver the second runway by 2025.
"Spanish air carrier Air Europa has signed a new code-share agreement with Turkish Airlines to expand its services."
Avoyelles Airport Authority, with sponsorship from the US Department of Transportation, has agreed to provide $0.11m project financing for the construction of ten new hangars at Marksville Municipal Airport in the US.
Spanish air carrier Air Europa has signed a new code-share agreement with Turkish Airlines to expand its services and offer more travel options to passengers.
The agreement enables the companies to share their codes on each other’s flights on specific routes.
During the initial phase, Turkish Airlines will carry Air Europa’s code on its flights operating from Istanbul to Madrid.
Air Europa will carry the former’s code on flights operating from Madrid to Las Palmas, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca,  Havana, Santo Domingo and Lima.
The Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) has announced that $10.7m of funding will be provided to improve US airport facilities.
Of the funds, 90% will be offered through Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) grant, and the remainder will be provided by VIPA.
The grant will be used for major improvements at airfield and airport terminals at the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (HERA) and the Cyril E. King Airport (CEKA) in the US.

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